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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tomas, I live in Sweden but travel to Tanzania quite often. Previously, I’ve worked with hunting and game management both in Africa and Sweden, also with small-scale fish farming, as well as aid work in Africa.

I’m currently studying to become an “aquaponics engineer,” a two-year full time education here in Sweden. I’m eager to learn as much as I can from aquaponic experts all over the world. I’m also seeking a highly professional guest lecurer for the fall 2024 and spring 2025, as I feel we need more diverse speakers from around the world on the aquaponic school I am attending.

I’ll will get more familiar with your website in the weeks to come before I dare to say anything, but I thought of introducing myself. If anyone has questions or just wants to chat some, feel free. I speak Swedish, my native language, fairly good English, and basic Swahili.

Best wishes and hoping to make new aquaponic friends here.

Hi Tomas,
There are lots of really experienced aquaponics folks in the Association. We look forward to speaking with you further.

Paul Brown

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That is amazing, I really looking forward to talk to you all.

I have started to design my first systems. And I have some land in Tanzania to build my own bigger system, but I also would like to build smaller systems in Tanzania and train people to use them, especially in the south of Tanzania. I have one problem, and that is too much fish and not enough plants, so I am wondering how much nutrient you can remove with a nice designed swirl filter.

Here it is 7.00 now and I of to help start a breeding program for sturgeon for reintreducing them in Swedish rivers, a really exiting project, that I have a smal part in.

Tomas, let’s have a chat. Kindly connect with me on WhatsApp, please. Heindre Rademan - CEO - - +27 60 70 33 865

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Hi Tomas! Welcome to the Aquaponics Association! Check out our virtual conference coming up next week where you can learn more about aquaponics and find someone who can teach for you!

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Hi Heindre. I will add your number to my WhatsApp and contact you.

Cori, thanks for the invite. I will really try to make it. I have a busy week next week preparing for the arrival of the first 100 Atlantic sturgeon.

Best wishes

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Hey Tomas,

I do not have a WhatsApp, but feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Good luck with your sturgeon!

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