Introduction - T.C. Beckett @Veterans Produce

Hello everyone…long time follower of AA. Been building and operating aquaponics (and hydro) for almost 10 years. Our mission is to build community gardens to feed homeless and food insecure veterans.
Our main site in Keller, TX 25x80 is an open air greenhouse, two separate (coupled/decoupled) FT, 3000 gal and 1500 gal in another. I presently raise and house about 350 lb of Mozambique Tilapia and have our own breading systems.
As you can imagine an open air GH in Texas has challenges due to air temps. This GH is modeled to immolate growing conditions of our mission we support in Uganda Africa through our partnership with We develop techniques and technologies for use in northern Africa to further the production of produce and fish to feed large numbers of orphans.
We are always interested in exploring ways to cool our water (cost effective), to keep DO levels in check, and are exploring micro bubbles as a mean to help balance nutrients within these systems.
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