Introduction - Rob

Hi All… Here it is 43 years later and i am still thinking about getting some type of system up and running. I was a Marine biology student at the U of Washington in Seattle back in the early 80s, but life got in the way and i switched to computers for a living. I kept my fingers in the mix and watched the industry come and go.

I hope to be setting up a small aquaponics/RAS system in the next year or two. I have an old swimming pool that i saved which will allow me to set up a ~3900 gallon tank, but first i will be building a Greenhouse on the top of my barn. That should take me most of this summer, so i will use the next year to plan my approach for aquaponics.

My goal is to mostly raise redclaws and/or marron crayfish and maybe a secondary fish. Beyond that i have no plans at the moment.

I am looking forward to participating and learning here.

Rob Lak (Poppa)

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@Poppa Rob nice to have you here! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress for your system. I like the use of an old swimming pool!