Introduction -Mondora Tingle

Hello Everyone! Thank you for allowing me to join AA. My name is Mondora Tingle I and reside in Dayton, Ohio. I have been very interested in Aquaponics for several years, and have sought all avenues at my disposal to continue to learn about it. I live in an area that has been identified as a ‘food desert’ and I would like to address this problem with the creation of an urban aquaponics center. This project would provide food and education to my community.

For the last year, for on-hand learning, I have established a home aquaponics system with a 75 gallon aquarium, a sump tank, and a swirl filter to grow lettuce and other vegetables. This system is working great, and I believe it is beneficial to prepare me to initiate a larger system.

It is my hope that by joining this group, I will have an increased opportunity to network as well as continue to expand in my education in this area.


Welcome to the AA! We are pursuing similar goals at Grace Aquaponics. May God bless your work!

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