Introduction-Marsha Tobisch

Hi all, my name is Marsha Tobisch. Just joined AA. I hail from Alberta Canada. I have a passion for Aquaponics and want to start my own system. I have read two books and watched lots of online videos and can’t wait to get started. I have a few challenges that is stopping me from getting my project off the ground. I am determined to overcome those challenges and get going soon.
Another thing for me is that I am going to be pursuing a DBA program and is looking for research ideas in Aquaponics. I am just starting this journey and will be writing my proposal to the university to be accepted in the program. If anyone has great research ideas that you wish to share with me, please feel free.
Looking forward to being a very active member in this community.

Yours Truly,


Hi Marsha,

We have an ongoing request for research needs on the members web page. Members have provided numerous suggestions/recommendations.

Paul B. Brown, Ph.D.

Purdue University

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

715 West State Street

West Lafayette, IN 47907


[email protected]

Hello Paul,

Thank you for the tip. I will make sure to sign up soon to be a full member so I can access those suggestions.

Marsha Tobisch
[email protected]