Introduction - Mark Austin

Hi Pureganic Peeps!!!

My name is Mark Austin. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the Aquaponics Association Community. Aquaponics is heading in the right direction and I want to contribute to its momentum to help push it to every corner of the universe.

I am a South African, residing in Spain and the Director and Founder of Asa Casa. We are a social enterprise focusing on improving the world through multiple elements of the Sustainable Development Goals with each project we undertake. Asa Casa provides Aquaponics Consultations, Design and Education through workshops and training.

I am excited for the future and pipeline of Aquaponics! Please do feel free to make contact with me, whether you are a newbie, hobbyist, educational institution, commercial, research or any other field. I would love to connect and assist wherever I can with regards to the development Aquaponics for all!!



Thanks for your message Mark! Glad to meet you. Periodically we will post here opportunities to get involved. Our Mission is to Expand the practice of aquaponics through education, advocacy, and connection.

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