Introduction - Jonathan Reyes

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathan Reyes and I am proud to be on the Board of the Aquaponics Association. I wanted to introduce myself and say how excited I am about the direction and potential Aquaponics has right now. We’re expecting some great momentum in the face of systemic change happening across the globe.

I currently reside in Jordan and am the CEO & Co-founder of Aquaponics AI and Tulua for Sustainable Agriculture. They are both social enterprises focused on human capital impact and the scalability of aquaponics. We focus on generating profitable businesses in the developing world and empowering anyone to get access to understandable, applicable, and high quality Aquaponic information.

In the next few years I hope to see a wide adoption of Aquaponics at the backyard, educational, commercial and research levels. I also hope to see some powerful developments in automation, efficiency, and standardization of Aquaponic principals and practices.

Cheers to a promising future,


This is a comfortable and nice lounge… should be a fancy aquaponic system in corner growing rosemary in media bed with flourescent lights on the fish tank. Purple couches.

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Hi Jon, any chance the AA is going to get a MeWe account?

Probably not, but you can follow us on the website and social accounts listed if that helps!