Introduction - Jan van der Westhuizen

Hi everyone, my name is Jan van der Westhuizen originally from South Africa now living in the UK. My background is environmental science specialising in crop protection and production. In the last 3 years I have developed a small urban automated aquaponic system to give more people the opportunity to grow their own healthy food and reduce our carbon footprint.

Very happy like minded people have a place to meet, thank you.



Hi Jan469, My name is Cristian Bulbuc, I’m from Romania, I’ve made several aquaponics systems of different sizes, and I’m interested in the system you built, because I started making a device for remote monitoring of a medium capacity aquaponics system that can be placed on the roof of the building (if it is flat). Please describe to me the system you referred to. We can correspond by e-mail ([email protected]). Have a nice day, Cristian.


Hi, thank you for your email. Would be nice to see your gadget, what does it monitor?

Hi Jan,

Do you have a website? Love to take a look at your system. Have a good one.

Thank you.


No website yet hopefully soon.

Here is my email address:
[email protected]



Please let me know when your website is up and running…

Thank you soooo much.


Hi Jan,

I would like to visit personally once the current covid situation improves and free movement in UK :smile: . Meanwhuile I would love to get more information about your system, my email is [email protected]. I am in UK.


Keep in touch and we will see how is going

I’m working on a similar project at my farm & R&D Center in Malaysia. My target is to provide a system to a local orphanage next year. I produce giant fresh water prawns, so want to integrate these to Aquaponics, also.

Its a great idea, this is happening all over the world and freshwater prawns are used too if you search YouTube you will find some videos on this. There are so much info on YouTube and I definitely think this is the way forward, I am also looking even in the UK to implement this into poorer schools to at least give children nutritional food at school.

Welcome Jan.
We look forwards to working with you.

Ed Tivnan
High School Biology Teacher
Aquaponics Association Board Member

Hi Cristian,

Welcome aboard.
We look forward to working with you.

All the best,
Ed Tivnan
High School Biology Teacher
Aquaponics Association Board Member

Hi this is Ande from Green Lab (London & Malaga) we’re in the process of designing an off grid farm in Malaga with permaculture & syntropic agriculture - using aquaponics as part of our veggie garden. London lab is closed due to COVID, hoping to reopen in early 2021.

Great to meet you all!

sent you an email Christian

Hi Jan, my name is Ken Konschel. I also have a green house Aquaponics system that I am looking to sell. Complete with solar panels, 12v and 230v control, 12v pumps, grow beds, 20 cube tank, solids settling and biofilter etc. Timber frame with triple wall polycarbonate sheets 5mt x 4mt. Will require dismantling. Please contact me on +44(0)7548074651 or email [email protected]

Hi Ken, thank you if I come across anyone looking for one I will let you know.