Introduction - Anıl Tellbüscher

Hello everyone!

My name is Anıl and I am Ph.D. student at the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. I have a background in water treatment and aquaculture and ended up in aquaponics by coincidence - it is a field that matches my research interests pretty nicely.
The topic of my Ph.D. studies is “Nutrition in Aquaponics”. In brief, I will try to better understand and eventually improve nutrient flows in aquaponic systems. For this purpose, we run an aquaponic facility on campus.

I am looking forward to some nice discussions here in the forum!

Best regards from Budweis,


Hi Anil,
This is one of my favorite topics. Do you have any preliminary thoughts on the gaps that need filling? What species combinations are you most interested in?

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Hi Paul,
great, looking forward to some discussions!
I just started the Ph.D. journey, so right now it is mostly about scraping together the somehow really patchy and scarce data. For me it seems like the amount of nutrients entering the system is known, but the link between the fish and plant system is a blackbox, so that’s definitely one issue I will tackle.
On the long run, another aim of my project is to come up with a fish feed tailored for aquaponics. I was thinking about going for tilapia for the sake of simplicity (nutritional requirements well-established, broad range of feed ingredients can be used, robustness,…). When you try building a house for the first time, don’t start with a skyscraper. :smiley:
Regarding the plant part I am not very determined yet as I have some questions regarding plant production and plant nutrition that need to be answered first.