Introduction and appreciation for hosting!

Hi guys I just got off the Webinar and I’m in awe. Absolutely fantastic webinar! I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time to organize the event! I think we can all acknowledge how much work that must have been, coordinating time zones and fixing technical problems. Whew!

Unfortunately, I did not find much time to network as it definitely went by quickly. My name is Pierce Spraggon and my company is Ontario Sustainable Agriculture. We are a recently constructed Aquaponics farm in Markham Ontario. Our construction started in April of last year and we have been growing “succesfully” for the past 4 months. We are using a DWC system in a 4800 square foot greenhouse. Currently growing lettuce and rainbow trout however running trials on a variety of different produce. We are located in the GTA ( greater toronto area) and if anyone lives close by, they are welcome to come visit.

I would like to connect w you all as its obvious our strength is in numbers in this complicated industry. Cheers and thank you once again!

You can check me out on
Instagram: Ontarioaquaponics


Thanks, I saw some of your chats at the conference. Good to “meet” you virtually and we will keep in touch.


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Means a lot and thank you for joining the conference! Excited to see many more canadian farms this year. I am going to check out your site and hopefully connect with you soon!

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