Introduction - Alex

Hi, Aquaponics Association. My name is Alex Roscoe, and I am a co-founder of GrowFlux based in Philadelphia. We are hyper-focused on smart lighting controls in the CEA space. We are installed on 400+ farms from Iceland to Singapore. I have had my head down in the weeds engineering these projects for the past few years, and I figured I would pop my head out to see what others are up to in the space. I look forward to meeting new people.


Hey Alex!

Greetings from the Aquaponics Association! Thank you for introducing yourself in our community forum, and it’s a pleasure to connect with you. Your work at GrowFlux in smart lighting controls for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is impressive.

It’s always exciting to engage with industry innovators like yourself. I’d be delighted to learn more about your experiences and explore potential synergies within the aquaponics community. If you are open to it, we could schedule a call or meeting to discuss further and share insights.

Looking forward to the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

All the best,

Cori Byrge
Communications Director
Aquaponics Association