Introducing the New Aquaponic & Living Soil Pest Control Course

In this detailed course we cover all aspects of proper pest management for all aquaponic or living soil crops. We cover beneficial insects, pest insects and mites, fungal infects, viruses and so much more. We also go thru all of the proper fish safe biocontrol’s that work well in the real world not just what the hydro guy has in stock this week. If your wanting to learn all you can about pest control in aquaponics this course is for you!

Hey, is it going to be an on-demand video course or live online sessions? Also what type of crops the course is focused on? Only cannabis? Or are other crops covered as well? I’m interested to watch them if it is on-demand course.

Hey there,
Yes the whole course is video on demand any time day or night thru teachable. We also have one monthly live session to answer questions as well just like our cannabis class has so you can get hands on answers if you have questions and I am always reachable via the in class chat system with in a few hours if its urgent. It is focused around the main crops people grow in aquaponics with a few nods to cannabis and other more highly regulated crops as well. All of the controls are safe for lettuce or cannabis or tomatoes or anything else youd like. We do have a separate class for cannabis but that is not the focus of this class tho many pest photos are on cannabis in the class mainly because its the best example photos i had for those. Hopefully that answers your questions.

Looks like a great Father’s Day present.


I’m generally interested, for growing food in my slowly operationalizing aquaponic greenhouse. Can you say a little about the history of the course, the guiding framework of the material, etc? I’d just sign up without thinking about if it was lower cost, but for $250 I feel like I need to know more.

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I am going through the course already, very well worth the money. And no, I don’t make money from the sale of the course.
For me it is all about gaining knowledge as quickly as possible when relevant. For growing in aquaponics, this one is very relevant no matter what you are growing.
Worth triple what is being asked, atleast to me personally.


Sure. Its based on a hybdrid of the original pest control content from my Advanced aquaponics course which i have taught around the country, The aquaponic cannabis course and a bunch of additional information and updates from my experiences growing crops in aquaponics and cannabis around the world. It features over 150 lectures on every beneficial insect you might want to consider releasing into your facility, all of the common pest insects you normally encounter in commercial aquaponics for veggies or cannabis, all of the various biocontrols on the market and why you would use one over the other and which ones to use in a rotation, spray schedules, release schedules for beneficial insects based on sqft, korean natural farming inputs in regards to biocontrols and beneficials, sprayer recommendations, microscope recommendations and a whole lot more. All of which are held to the high standards used by cannabis which are much harder to pass than even organic lettuce. So if your growing lettuce or the devils lettuce it doesn’t matter all of these solutions work well in your garden for both home and commercial.

We will also be offering commercially compliant SOPs as well in the near future to go with the class as an optional addon for commercial producers as well so this course can be used as training for the SOPs as well.

Hopefully that answers your questions.

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