Integration of Modern Technology into Aquaponics

Hello community. New here, but not to the world of horticulture. I have been venturing back into the world of aquaponics and looking at things now through the lens of the tech- and capital-intensive cannabis industry I have been working in. There have been tremendous strides in the past decade with regard to horticulture technology due to the capital infusions from cannabis production and indoor leafy greens facilities. LED lights, nutrient injection systems, environmental controls, oxygenation equipment, water treatment, etc…

I am curious what kinds of novel approaches aquaponic operators/ designers have been taking to utilize some of these technological improvements. Most of what I have been reading. seeing is just rehashing the same questions and solutions folks were discussing 7 years ago when I was active in the industry. Would love to offer an open discussion for anyone to share some cool stuff they have seen or are excited about!

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I have developed technology that is changing the world of Aquaponics forever.

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Here is one innovation in aquaponics…there are some similar concepts of Ferris Wheel however none of them carry as many plants while plants are growing in soil as medium (principle of dual root zone, pebbles and organic compost).

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Hey Jeremy! You should check out our latest webinar (Nov 2023) to learn about the technology developed at GrowDirector. Very cool and advanced technology they are working on.