In-house Smartfarm Aquaponics from S.Korea

Hello~ I am Kay from South Korea.
I am currently developing a MVP coming this March, which is
“web/app controlled in-house aquaponics device” that will ultimately be “Smartfarm aquaponics SaaS database” both for aqua life and plants.

Korea, as the world’s 10th largest economy put too much emphasis on industrial technology that we have overlooked our independence on farming. Not to mention the crucial fact that we are suffering badly from environmental problems. Rapidly aging population in rural areas, bad climate conditions all aggravate our agriculture industry, the future is dim.

Therefore, with the benefits of high technology of this country, I am in support of promoting urban farming. Surprisingly, I found out there is no in-house device for aquaponics in this domestic market. I wonder if it is true for other countries too. I found some in the overseas market but functions were very limited and some are too small even fish can’t survive.

My MVP is for office use first, then will make a smaller version for individual households. Plants can vary for different purposes mainly, 1. air purification, 2. diets, or 3. interior design.
The device can be connected to web/app, where one can easily check the quality of fish and plants. Then this leads to a wide spectrum of software contents where one can use AI chatbot for educational purposes, metaverse platform for community build up …etc. we are still developing and expanding for more creative ideas.

Is there such in-house smartfarm aquaponics device in your country?
What do you think of needs of this product?

Please bear in mind that Seoul, the capital city of Korea is a mega metropolitan. Densely populated with skyscrapers, traffics and people. Everywhere is buildings. We don’t have luxury of having outdoor porch. So my target markets will be other similar metropolitan areas like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, London, New York., etc.

It is nice to see you all here ^^ I look forward to interacting with you all!


You may google Grove and learn from their experience. They once made beautiful indoor smart aquaponics systems.

Thank you Shawnwang! ^^

Dear Kay

You seemed to have a nice plan for an indoor aquaponics smart farm. Also I have interest in your plan.
You may call me at 010-4599-0438 anytime at your convenience.

Samuel Kang

So great to meet people with great minds and passion !!

Hi Kay,

It’s always nice to hear high tech aquaponics companies rapidly evolving in Korea. I’m preparing an Aquaponics book with our community(Korea Aquaponics Lab) and would be happy to connect with you.

Kakao : nuromancer


Jeff Ryu

Thank you for reaching out Jeff! will add you on my Kakao!