Improving Crop Health with the Power of Automation

Hi friends!

Can’t wait to see many of you in OKC in a few weeks! It’s going to be great! Who’s going to be there?

But for now I wanted to let you know Aquaponics AI is having a Zoom webinar this Saturday, Sept 3 at 10:00am Central U.S. time.

It will be about - Improving Crop Health with the Power of Automation.

Joe Pate, association community member, founder of Regen Aquaculture & Scientific Advisor for Aquaponics AI, will discuss what plant health means, its importance to growers, and how growers can use automated sensors and software to streamline data collection, monitoring, and decision-making.

If you can make it, we’d love to have you for an hour!

You can sign up here - Meeting Registration - Zoom

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Automation in aquaponics almost always leads to a problem getting automated into a disaster. You can’t automate everything reliably and nutrient sensors are still prohibitively expensive.

I was wondering if the Zoom meeting was recorded by anyone?

I would be interested to know what was discussed and what topics were presented.

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Yes it was recorded and will be available in the paid members area soon!

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Cant wait to see it )