Im a new member saying hello šŸ‘‹

Hi all, im Matthew from little old New Zealand. I been in to Aquaponics for the past 2 years and really enjoyed the opportunities that have come from it. I have a relatively simple set up consisting of an 1800lt fish tank, 200lt radial filter, 200lt bio filter, 300lt flood and drain media grow bed, NFT rails and 700lt sump tank. I have 20 gold fish and 1 eel in the sump tank. I know im a bit under stocked on my fish but for now its working. New Zealand is a bit behind the times with Aquaponics, we dont have any good eating fish that are native to New Zealand and the hoops you have to jump through are to hard to have table fish in your back yard an less your a commercial fish farmer. Hope our government changes this over the next couple of years.

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Hi Mathew. Happy to meet you. I am new here and new to aquaponics. May I know if you have an easy access to sea water? Is your aquaponics system saltwater or fresh? Iā€™m interested in learning inland saltwater aquaponics, especially what I need to add to the saltwater from time to time. Thank you. Have a great week.

Hi, i love the idea of saltwater Aquaponics, i dont know much about though, sorry

No problem, Mathew. We can share what we learn in the future. Thank you.

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