Identification of Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms

Found this awesome video on nutrient deficiencies and wanted to give a shout-out to Dr. Brian Krug. He takes us through a step-by-step procedure to aid you in identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms.


So Good! This video was not DEFICIENT of useful info!!!


yeah, so good. one of the best all in one presentation/information I’ve seen.

I’m sure everyone already has charts like this up on their wall. Looking back I wish it had more than just seven deficiencies described on it.


It is good to see folks are starting to figure out that plants need minerals just as much if not more than they need nitrate. We have helped so many people over the years here at True Aquaponics grow to their full potential by properly feeding their plants.

Hey Roger been watching your stuff this last conference and looks great thanks for presenting

Well, I am not a professional speaker, but it was still fun to work with folks. Had a great time.