Hyperlocal Farming / Distributed Computing

Every LED pixel receives power. Yes - each pixel is powered.

And it shows - pun intended. :slight_smile:

Engineering has a way of hiding the unpleasant. Sometimes it flows over to the magic too. That’s why we aquaponics practitioners struggle to explain the magic.

You’ve got to experience it - much like friction and gravity.

What I wanna do

Take empty and unused rooftops on rent. Setup Flood and Drain tubs and grow food for a hyperlocal subscriber base.

My top experience notes

  • The market for fresh veggies is a phenomenal opportunity (at least in the 10 indian cities i’m monitoring)

  • The customer wants to pay - for taste before the look. Aquaponics has a point over Hydroponics here - (I think its the flavonoid growth - I’d love some notes)

  • Transport continues to eat into profits - especially now that fuel prices are increasing. Hyperlocal means zero costs of delivery

  • Also zero costs of storage. I just leave the fruit on the tree if the customer isn’t paying. (however that’s happened hardly a few times)

  • Aquaponics means no toxic substances. So hospital and school rooftops (which traditionally don’t generate revenues) - suddenly become profitable farmlands

  • In the equatorial regions - even polyhouses aren’t required. I’ve successfully run rooftop farms in Pune and Mumbai without any covering

Where I’m stuck

Every investor I’m speaking to wants to own the farm. How does he own the rooftop - that rooftop belongs to the Real Estate owner.

The RE owner says he won’t invest. I told him about ROI but he says you put a bank guarantee and then do what you want.

I’m left wondering - who pays for the farm’s capex ?

I invite you to ask me questions. I’m looking for help.

Thank you.

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