Hive Mind: Collective Aquaponic Intelligence at Global Scale

I am excited to be giving a talk at the 2021 Virtual Conference where we will be taking a fascinating look at industry and change. Coming from the tech world and dealing with lots of tech startups I still love looking at how disruptive innovations take/change/shift the market.

We’ll be looking at autonomous cars, the mind(s?) of birds, glocalization of agriculture, hype trends, big data, funding, dancing on a hillside, and how all of this relates to aquaponics.

Come and see how each of the isolated contextualizations of aquaponics across the globe play into a powerful future for Aquaponics only if we can master a few key things

What I would love to know from you:

  • What were the driving factors behind change in your aquaponics farm?
  • What were the pressures you experienced when getting it started (financial, people, types of deadlines, demand)?

Looking forward to chatting y’all. Drop a line below and we can start now :smiley:


For us, the right people has been the key to expansion of our system at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. We have helped with small systems in developing countries and of the 16 systems we have been involved with, one or two dedicated people have been key to success (or not) of each system regardless of challenges.


What were some of the challenges in sharing ap intelligence with the key stakeholders of the farms you implemented in developing countries?

I’ve pursued several developers to provide SMS and other phone alerts through internet convection for critical equipment monitoring. Also interested in access to cameras & RE on site. There’s room for a number of applications at different pricing levels. I don’t look for management integration, rather for ability to monitor remotely.


Has that been a pain point to scaling @d_marioni? Remote monitoring?

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The realities of operating smaller scale aquaculture/ sustainable farming operations include delivering expensive specialist guidance to remote sites. Achieving scale in bringing advanced technology to multiple stakeholders is facilitated by application of monitoring techniques. Startups like mine can see the short medium and long term value of evolving optimised monitoring for modular and varied operations / facilities.