Help for building an open sourced Aquaponics website

I’ve been building an open-sourced Aquaponics website for a few years. The purpose of the website is to provide full information and instructions for starters. My website requires no signup or login to access any information. Contents including books such as the Chinese version of small scale aquaponics food production by FAO, Aquaponics food production by The EU Aquaponics Hub and A Guide to Recirculation Aquaculture by FAO are halfway through translation; a collection of opensource information for UVI and iAVs systems; tools for calculating ratios, air pump, etc

As I’m building the website all by myself, and my systems are limited, I do not have many related photos and instructions for Aquaponics beginners. If anybody is interested in helping build such a website and provide photos and instructions to build any Aquaponics components, please reply or contact me by email: [email protected]

The website is in Chinese, but I’m thinking to make it multilingual. The link is