Hello, Thank You, and How Can I Help?

Hi Everyone,
I’ve just joined the Aquaponics Association following the fantastic conference this past weekend. My sincere thanks to @BrianFlip, @jon, others who helped organize and run the meeting, and to those who shared their work and contributed to the conversations. I have been to conferences in a few different disciplines and it was refreshing to step into a community of folks who are so supportive of one another’s work!
I am new to this community and to aquaponics overall. I have a small DIY aquarium system in my kitchen to dip my toes in the water and have done a fair bit of reading/literature research. My long-term goal is to set up a system that is as close to a fully circular and sustainable system as I can make it. Something along the lines of what @bjelkeman has shared - but with much less money and resources :slight_smile: All of this is still in the conceptual stage, but I am excited to get into some classes to learn more and start moving forward.
I’d also like to offer up any help I might be able to provide to anyone who could use it. I have extensive training in microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics and have been a professor at a small university on the Iowa side of the quad cities for the past ten years. I also have family in Charlottesville, VA and Columbia, SC and am in both of those areas at least twice a year, sometimes more. If you have questions, problems to troubleshoot, or a project that could use some scientific expertise, please feel free to reach out!
Happy Growing!
Mike Vitalini