Hello from New Mexico

Hello everyone.
My name is Aaron Blount. I currently have a small system running in my back yard that I built April 2022. It’s been going pretty great, except for the mess up with the plumbing on my yard hose which is hooked into the system after the water softener, which has led to salt accumulation. (I will be working on rerouting the yard system to tie in in front of the softener system.

That said, I just started my first year of Graduate School at NMSU with my focus in Aquaponics. I hope to help develop an Aquaponics Program at the college in conjunction with building my own farm/aquaponics greenhouse outside of town. I have a long, difficult road ahead, but I’m sure I can succeed. And if I can’t get the college to get a program together, I hope to at least start working with local schools Ag groups to show them how aquaponics works and spark more interest in our area that way.


Hello Aaron I’m Conner, congratulations on moving to NM. I just completed my AAS in CEA which focused on Aquaponics. There is a great Comunity of us down here in Santa Fe who are into Aquaponics so feel free to connect anytime. I highly recommend stopping by the SF community college greenhouse and checking out the systems of you have not all ready. Good luck on your future endeavors

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I’m down in Las Cruces. It’s unfortunate that NMSU doesn’t have a program already set up, with as much emphasis that the school puts on agriculture and conservation. But that’s a big reason I want to help guide a program creation down here.