Good free aquaponics intro video?

Howdy partners, a local school asked me if i had a short video (5 or 10 minutes) i could share with them for their students about what aquaponics is…

Does anyone know of a good video like this? can you share the link?

Hi Brian - here’s a short video one of the local TV stations did on our farm in 2019. Absolutely Alabama: Southern Organics

We should have something more in depth coming out on the Discovery Channel this Spring

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great, this is perfect. Give us a heads up when your Discovery Channel piece comes out we would love to share that if possible.

I did a sign language for aquaponics video that might fit well. Just covers some of the vocabulary and things. Might be helpful.


I enjoyed the video. Good visuals, good overview with a good amount of details.

Meeting Dr. James Ebeling - aquaponics in Arizona - HWT #25 - YouTube

Try this one for school systems.

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