Getting your Aquaponic IoT Sensor data into your dashboard with Sparky CLI

Greetings awesome AP folks,

We’ve been busy here at Aquaponics AI… Excited to share some fun news.

You’re the first to know that we’re launching Sparky (The lovable, hard-working, loyal data dog) into the wild. This awesome little “pup” of a program will give you the ability to consolidate your sensor data into a single location. That means any sensor you’re using, as long as you have those logs somewhere on your computer, can be ingested into your Aquaponic cloud dashboard.

This is important because…

  • Get alerts if something changes
  • Analyze what is actually making your farm more profitable
  • Understand what went wrong (because we all know it does)
  • Give access to a trusted advisor (plenty of awesome consultants at the association would be able to look at your system and tell you what can be improved)
  • Look at it while you’re away on a ski trip :smiley:

Here’s to 2021! :beers: Iz gonna be good.

A demo showing how to set it up!