Food safe materials and requirements

Hi and even Howdy! I’m working on rebuilding my 2000 gallon system in my backyard this time my goal is to have a small production market garden out of it. I live in San Diego and have been looking for codes and regulations for parameters around aquaponic / hydroponic growing but have not had any luck. My real question is can I plumb my system with ABS? I have been running my system through ABS for 3 years and haven’t had any problems but I am worried I will build it at my new house and then when I get it inspected they won’t like it. Has anyone else used ABS? I can’t find any solid information on ABS leaching anymore than PVC. If you wouldn’t suggest ABS what is an affordable alternative? Does the plumbing in the system really need to be food grade? Also would love it if someone did a lecture on getting certified as an Aquaponic market garden grower in the conference in Oct! Thank you!

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