Fish waste treated with worms

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I recently saw a report about the Tohá System that uses filtration with worms and a column of stones of different particle sizes to remove solid waste from residential sewage treatment at the same time as treating the wastewater.
Does anyone have experience with treating fish waste with this Tohá system, returning the water that percolates through the pebble column to the aquaponics system?
Does anyone have any information or comments to make about the pros and cons of this system combined with aquaponics?

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Hey Memo, Cool post!

I hope someone will see this and share their experiences with the Toha system! Do you see this working best with coupled or decoupled systems?


The norwegian company Lindum uses earth worms in their digesterponics / bioponics system. Documented here: Water | Free Full-Text | Bioponics as a Promising Approach to Sustainable Agriculture: A Review of the Main Methods for Producing Organic Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics

Ketil Stoknes is probably the guy you would want to contact. He is very knowledgable and super nice.

Using worms to remineralize aquaculture waste actually is a common technique. The keyword is vermifiltration:

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