First build, first grow - want to try cannabis

Hey everyone,

I’m about to get started on building my first system at home. My space is pretty limited here, I have enough room for a 29 gallon aquarium. That should be good for 2-3, I believe. I intend to make a flood and drain media bed. Once I have the system up and cycled I intend to attempt to grow one cannabis plant in it utilizing a dual root zone. I’ve got some questions:

How large of a media bed should I be trying to have? I am only trying to grow one cannabis plant, but I might need to grow lettuce or something along side it for class. Or maybe a media bed is the wrong solution here?

Lighting - What lighting do I need? Looking online it looks like a 200W LED is needed. Is that accurate? What am I looking for?

I don’t know that it’s going to be feasible to get this into a grow tent. Maybe, but I doubt it. If not, is that just the end of that? What can I do to make my living room more hospitable if need be?

I know this may be a bit challenging for my experience level and growing cannabis in a brand new system is not ideal but I’d like to try anyway and I’ll very much appreciate any advice from the community. Thanks!

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29 gallons is about as small as you can grow if you pack it full of fish for cannabis.

For small scale concrete mixing trays work great.

For a single plant a Spectrum King Mothers little helper or Closet King would work great.

You can absolutely put that all in a grow tent but maybe put the fishtank outside and plumb it into a sump in the tent.

If your looking for more info on aquaponic cannabis check out the Growing With Fishes Podcast on your favorite app or youtube.