Feasibility Study for Large Scale Aquaponics in former Industrial site

The Valley Shenango Economic Development Corp (VSEDC) is looking for professional consultants interested in doing all or part of work on the study to establish a large scale (250,000 to 300,000) square foot aqauponics facility in the former Westinghouse facility at 469 Sharpsville Ave., Sharon, Pa. The project is part of a U.S. Department of Economic Development (EDA) funded project. Areas of expertise needed are 1. Large scale aqauponics operations, 2. Engineering and architectural services, 3. develop business and financing plans, 4. fulfilling reporting requirements to EDA, 5. production/logistic plans for food production facility, 6. power, water, circulation & purification, and other critical capabilities for a food production facility. Interested responses should include qualifications, similar projects worked on by consultant, hourly rates, and proposed time schedule for completion. Women and/or minority owned business participation encouraged. VSEDC reserves the right to select one or multiple consultants. Please respond to Charles Miller, Valley Shenango Economic Development Corp at [email protected] or via mail to VSEDC, attention Charles Miller, 32 West State St., Sharon, Pa 16146


Very cool opportunity.

I have posted this on my Korea Aquaponics Lab community site. Cheers~


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Iā€™d recommend contacting aquaponik manufaktur GmbH. In two joint university research projects over the last three years we have experienced them as a very knowledgeable project partner.

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