Elevating Aquaponics Presence at Industry Conferences

Dear Aquaponics Enthusiasts,

Let’s emphasize the importance of robust representation for aquaponics at conferences, including the World Aquaculture Society Conference (WAS). These events offer invaluable opportunities to raise awareness, showcase advancements, and foster collaboration within our industry.

[Image: Group picture of Aquaponic Industry Members at the 2024 WAS Conference]

By ensuring a strong presence at such conferences, we can assert the significance and potential of aquaponics in agriculture. Active participation not only promotes our method but also keeps us aligned with the latest research and trends, driving continual improvement. Our next opportunity is at the 2024 Indoor Ag Con event March 11-12th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I urge all members of our community, regardless of experience level, to consider attending and contributing to these gatherings. Together, let’s make our mark and propel aquaponics to greater heights.

Warm regards,

Cori Byrge

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I tried to connect with AA administration staff and had no response back

Hello Heindre,

Thank you for reaching out to us about this! I can help connect you to the right person according to what you are looking for. Feel free to send an email to me at [email protected] so we can get started!

All the best,
Cori Byrge