Eco Glue for DIY grow media

Does anybody know any eco glue products we can use to press and glue DIY grow media together? I’m in China and cannot find any proper grow plugs in the local market. Thanks.

Hi Shawn,

Send us a photo of the materials you want to glue/adhere together.

Ancient eco glues were made from various plants and animal byproducts.

I have used the following glues (excluding bluebell) to secure joints and plug holes in Bamboo AP systems.

Tibetan monks crafted Gesso Glue from Rabbit Skin and mixed it with chalk to create their Thangka Diety Canvass Scrolls.

English Longbow Archers crafted Super Glue from melted Pine Sap & Ash to secure the twine around arrow heads and crushed Bluebell flower bulbs with spit to secure the arrow quivers.

If you want something more scientific then excuse my bad spelling, if I spell this incorrectly: Caulobacter crescentus would certainly be something to talk about.