Do Americans Have the Right to Grow Their Own Food? | US Food Sovereignty


In some states it is illegal, like Florida and some places it’s OK for now!

Oh boy where to start. This is not a sales pitch or a dramatic antigovernmental conspiracy theory. Your either an American or your a US citizen. Americans can grow what ever they want, its written in the Declaration of Independence. Backed by the first Constitution. There has been a major FRAUD done to the American people and We The People are rebuilding the Original Government that was moth balled 160 years ago. Much to learn. If you think Aquaponics was technical geeesh! So for the sake of growing our own food as a Free Man or Woman look into changing your political status to American State National and join the historical building of our Dejure Government.

God Bless

All living beings have the right to compete for food and water.

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