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I am a university researcher working on a small aquaponics research proposal. We are interested to look into the following aspects:

  1. Circularity and waste management in the aquaponics system
  2. Digitalization, modeling, automation, control and monitoring (smart and cost-effective aquaponics system): here we aim to focus on a few of the aspects among fish and plant health, energy demands, water quality, nutrient balancing, LCA, carbon footprinting etc
  3. Scalability of aquaponics to the vertical farming system/fully controlled environment system. (Mainly in terms of energy efficiency)

These are rather broader scopes of the research we are aiming for based on our expertise. I am very curious to hear from the community regarding these topics and also other relevant aspects.


Dear Akhil,

We are also working on small scale aquaponics systems. We are trying to find project partners possibilities for fundiging.
The system I’m working on is a benchtop model. I’m typing to get a intergrated system were sludge is regenerated bij shrimp and worms.
Also we are developing new type types of sensors the measure growth.


What would be a size when we talk about “small” aquaponics system?

How do we optimize the stocking density of animals and plants?

How do we choose if we should grow the plants on top of water, or in vertical towers?

If we want to use aquaponics to create jobs, what’s would be the ideal sizes?

Anyone is interested in social entrepreneur using aquaponics? If yes, may we work together?

Thank you.


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Maybe the question is what is considered a commercial system? then you can work backwards to determine what a small or backyard system would be considered.

Hello Shu001, I am looking for partners to build a large scale system with some innovative business modeling concepts. I would love to chat.

Hi Ben,

So sorry for the late reply. I just read your message. I thought I will get a notification in my email.

Here is my email address: [email protected]. I’d love to chat with you about building a business using aquaponics. May I know some basic desires:

  1. Is this system for profit, or for social entrepreneur, or for both?
  2. Where will this system be set up?
  3. Is it going to be a saltwater aquaponics or fresh?
  4. Do you rely on grants or VC to build the system?

Thank you.