Crayfish or Shrimp in UK

Hello Everyone,
I am keen to explore the option of keeping and breeding shrimp or crayfish preferably in the UK. Is anyone doing it already? Are there any restrictions in the UK? Can anyone recommend a supplier? Any other info related to system set up etc always welcome!




Hi Ian
If you go ahead and do this, please let me know on [email protected] as Iā€™m in the restaurant business and would be interested crayfish in particular.

I have dipped my toe in the water on this one and the main blocker will be local authority and temperature. American crayfish are a predators on our native species and as such need to be licenced and you know what that means. the ones I have seen on the shelves are imported from Europe where they are also licenced. So it is possible. with shrimp its the temperature. there is a bloke in Scotland who is doing large Asian fresh water prawns. He is using waste hot water from a Elec. Gen. plant to provide the correct conditions. So you can imagine the money and licences involved in that setting that up. But again it must be worth it.