Consulting Services

Good day everyone! A quick question (especially to anyone that provides consulting services as part of their operations): What hourly rates do you charge when you consult on a (farm) project? What is typical within the industry? Any pointers to where I can find relevant data on the subject are welcome appreciated. Thanks!

Good day Denis. We offer some free consulting as part of our services. I am happy to setup a call to discuss your project at no cost. Depending on what is involved, we can continue to help, bring in one of our industry partners to assist, or possibly point you in a better direction. Feel free to reach out ([email protected]).

Denis, our consulting rates are about $150/hr. Clients can sign up for packages of set consulting hours and then they would get a discounted rate. Consulting can be drawn out over a year and any hours not used can be returned, so we can help people out over the course of their project or planning.

Set the first payment high enough to scare away those wasting your time for a set amount of work or evaluation or other work. Then once that is up a project price with goals or hours blocks paid upfront. Dont let any one run up much of a bill or you can get screwed by people with bad intentions. Screen your customers well before you work with them to avoid wasting time on projects that will never get any where. A good intake survey can save you alot of wasted time. Do not do free estimates for bigger projects. If they have money for a big farm they have money to pay you for your time. Other wise you will end up doing a ton of free designs or esitmates with not much to show for it as many people who consider starting farms never follow thru or find the funding needed.