Conference Schedule Publication!

Please see the PDF schedules for the three days of the Conference:

FRIDAY Together with Aquaponics 2021

SATURDAY Together with Aquaponics 2021

SUNDAY Together with Aquaponics 2021

“Together with Aquaponics”, the 2021 Virtual Aquaponics Conference, runs next week from October 22-24.

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Thanks for this and all the amazing work you’re doing.



Thank you, the run-down look great. Will all of the videos be available after the conference? I am located in Asia, and the time difference is a bit tough.

Yes the videos will be available on the platform for a few weeks and then in our archives after the conference.

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So many stellar sessions. This is going to be good. Looking forward to connecting with everyone again.

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Hi @BrianFlip, what an action-packed schedule! I bought a virtual-only ticket back in May, but the platform asks me to purchase a ticket. How do I proceed?

Hmm, you should have gotten an email with a login link. @jon can you help figure out what Sean’s issue may be?

Sent private message.