Conference 2020 Highlights & Suggestions

Greetings everyone and thank you for attending the 2020 Aquaponics Conference! I know I am really glad to have met you all this year. I know it would have been awesome to be in person, but I think our first digital conference was awesome!

This community platform is here to help facilitate communication outside of the conference as we all work together to further Aquaponics on a global scale. We will be using it to send out regular content, discussion topics, collaborative projects, and who knows what else :smiley:

We would love to hear from you. Would you mind leaving your conference feedback here?

  • What were your favorite sessions that you engaged with? What was so helpful/encouraging/empowering/transformative about them?

  • Which track were you most interested in? (community, commercial, stem, etc.)

  • Do you have any ideas for improving the content, areas of interest, or something else?

We look forward to hearing from you.



I think the virtual conference was awesome! I have not been able to attend an in person conference since Colorado (the second conference.) PLEASE make all future conferences available virtually. Having the ability to go catch session or tracks that one can’t attend in person is a huge bonus. AND so many of us can’t travel much anymore for various reasons. I do miss the in person socialization part of things and wish the cocktail party could have been more of a group thing rather than just one on one.

It would also be helpful if the speaker bios could include the contact info and/or web links that they wish to share with the group. (that might be more of a platform thing) Also links from the agenda to the speaker bios.


The conference is a huge success. I would love fewer but longer sessions, so we’ll have more question time with the speakers.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes some of that we were trying to work through because of the platform limitations so thanks for bearing with us. You may find this helpful but the bios will remain on the conference website for the time being so you can check it out.

I sure hope things work out and we can all convene in-person next year! I also am with you that the sessions being available online is super valuable.

Thanks for attending!!

Thanks @shawnwang yes I think we all felt the rapid pace and man things moved fast haha. I was happy to at least see @JDSawyer to finally play that guitar.

I noticed as I went back and tried watching the recorded videos of some of the sections that I had missed, that the color was off. Is this normal.

(I do appreciate having the recorded sections as there was soo much good stuff and it often overlapped)

yes, please everyone let us know your opinions so we can make it better next time. thanks everyone so much for participating and promoting aquaponics!

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Conference was awesome!!!
Being a newbie in aquaponics I had Tons of information and ideas got through all the talks and information sharing. I would love to attend such conference personally in future if possible.
It will be opportunity to learn new things, know what’s going on in our aquaponics community worldwide as well as to build new contacts and to take our community further to new hights.
Well done team by arranging this conference.

We are in the process of getting all the videos from Run The World ported over the the AA website as well as linking with powerpoints and videos that were being shown from YouTube. We will let everyone know when that transfer is complete.


Great Conference and good information overall. I’ve attended many technical conferences over the years hosted by IBM. They always built some slack time into the agenda, like 10 minutes between the end and start of the next sessions. This allows time for participants and speakers to move from one session to another, take a bio break, and get more coffee! Both this year and last there were not any gaps in the schedule. Please consider adding some next year. Thanks!


If you host a virtual conference again would it be possible to include virtual business cards or a “share contact details” function to allow people to share details with someone that they intend to get in contact with without distracting from the talks?

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Thanks to the leaders who made this happen. The content was rich and stimulating, the moderators of group discussions were excellent, and the connections made will keep on giving! Well done.

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good idea Hannah! (sp?)

you were an all-star at the conference! you grabbed the mic with authority!