Collection of documentations for iAVs

I was a big fan of iAVs before. I have a 70m2 iAVs system, and a 400m2 hybrid iAVs-UVI system still running. I gave up iAVs as ideal sized sand is too expensive and difficult to source in Shanghai. Now I only use sand bed as fine solid removal or final polishing bed. I collected some relevant files when I was doing research, and I’d like to share them with anyone interested. All of the files should be open-sourced. If not, please contact me to remove it from the list.

Click to receive the files

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Thank you so much for sharing. These files are very helpful.

Are nutrient ppms included in this document? Thats the thing no one ever seems to have an answer for for iAVS is what are the actual ppm numbers at root level? What can it really grow well? Until we know the ppm levels we can not know that answer. In 35 years its never been posted of iAVS it has for 3 decades on UVI systems. Is that in your new document set?

I remember one of the files contains the distribution of nutrients at various locations and depths of the sand bed. Nobody seemed to continue researching and optimizing iAVs during the past 30 years.