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Hi Everyone,

I am PhD student in fish nutrition, and I’m lining up multiple sources of funding to pursue hands-on learning opportunities related to sustainable food production. My goal is to visit, volunteer for, and collaborate with as many diverse aquaponic and aquaculture organizations as I can: different scales, designs, goals, and different plant and fish species.

I’m splitting my focus four ways (inspired by the Aquaponics Association conference): community outreach, commercial operations, research facilities/programs and STEM education. To maximize the benefit of time spent on site for these opportunities, there is room for remote prep work and collaboration long before and after visiting your site (e.g. trial planning, data analysis, content creation, lesson planning, etc). The travel would span from spring 2022 through the end of summer 2023.

My questions for the Aquaponics Association Community are:

  1. If you could travel to any aquaponics or aquaculture facility in the world, where would you go?
  2. Are you involved in something related to my focus areas, and are you interested in trading experience for me in exchange for free labour for you? If so, comment with your facility details and contact info below!

I have a background in chemical and bio engineering, and sustainable aquaculture. I have three years of experience supervising research and scale-up at a commercial aquaponics facility, plus 5 years of applied research experience in agriculture, aquaculture and biomedicine. I am happy to do everything from scrubbing out clarifiers and harvesting fish through writing grant proposals and setting up multi-year research projects.

If you want any more information about me or my experience here’s my LinkedIn:

Thanks for reading!


Hi Danielle, what an exciting year ahead you have! Thank you for your work and addition to our community. I reached out via Linkedin and look forward to hearing more about your vision and upcoming season of learning and contributing.

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Good afternoon Danielle, thank you for posting your interest in visiting aquaponic/aquaculture facilities worldwide. It sounds like you are hoping for a very busy and productive 2022/23. I have reached out to you via LinkedIn and hope we can connect. I do not live far from the previous university (Mac) that you studied under and would be interested in chatting with you. Please feel free to reach out via any social platform you are comfortable with.

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Hi Daniel. Thanks for posting! I’ve responded on LinkedIn, and look forward to chatting with you!

Hi! Thanks for responding, I’ve reached out on LinkedIn, hopefully we can chat soon. It’s funny, your farm is half-way between my brother’s house and my in-law’s house, small world!

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Awesome experience. I shot you a message on LinkedIn since I saw another mention the same.