Call for research needs

This is our semi-annual call for research needs from the aquaponic community. Please let us know what problems/challenges you have and we will get those out to the research community. Experienced aquaponic farmers may also have remedies for the challenges you face. The overall goal is establishment and maintenance of lines of communication.
There are no stupid questions!


As always still waiting on a formal white paper on LABs curing ecoli. We have well documented it in commercial settings now just need a university to put out a paper. I wish they weren’t so far behind the industry in practice.

The other thing would be a study into LIMO Liquid Indegenous Micro Organisms added to mineralization tanks and the formalized results for that. We have seen upwards of 80% increase in mineralization and would love to see a university document it too again the universities are quite a bit behind on this topic as well.

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Hello, Can anyone help me find freshwater shellfish for an aquaponic system that are good for eating? Thank you.

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@natashafarmer505 what do you think about posting this “call for research needs” to our social media accounts?

Maybe with a pretty pic of some researchy type of stuff?

if needed here’s a pic from our tour of Kentucky State University facility at 2019 conference:

Yeah I love that idea! Shall I direct people here to this thread on the site or is there a preferable way to have them get in touch?

I think only members can comment via the Association site, so you can list me as recipient of needs………

Paul B. Brown, Ph.D.

Purdue University

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

715 West State Street

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2061


765-496-2422 (FAX)

[email protected]

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