CAD drawing for 3D fly through

Hi AA team,

We are working with indigenous communities to bring a agriculture hub with an aquaponics farm at its centre to remote and rural communities in Australia.

Does anyone have a drawing with dimensions or even a dwg file of a large scale commercial aquaponics farm? Ideally showing DWC and media beds similar to the this Big Commercial Aquaponics Farm - YouTube

We want to create a 3D fly through to show the communities (we have so far 18 communities we are engaging with).



I will ask around and see if anyone has anything like this.

See and go to Build One of Our Systems. This shows a cost effective module that can be replicated as many times as desired to size your system. An updated manual using imperial units instead of metric is available from me personally free of charge contact [email protected]


Hi Luke,

Amazing, I just send you an email.