Business plan information


Please I’m starting my journey in aquaponics by starting a business. And I’m working on my business plan, I would like to know:
1 . how to approach the clients such as groceries, supermarkets, households etc. to market my products
2. I would like know the individual energy consumption of all the aquaponic system components such water pump, lightening etc.
3. Any other information you might suggest

Thank you

Hi @Bach

There are generally two ways to go about this. You can talk to a system distributor that has calculated all the different aspects of the system they provide which you can then calculate your cost for energy and inputs.

The other option is to look at it in reverse. Look at your budget and options and that will help you narrow down what you can actually use in the system.

Aquaponics systems range from tabletop to large 10+ acre farms so you’ll need to either work off your budget or a system distributor’s guidelines.

Hope that helps.