Breeding Tilapia and Crayfish

I’m currently breeding and raising Tilapia and Crayfish. I was wondering if anyone else is doing the same in the Association. Maybe do a little sharing of experience?

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Where are you located?

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I’m in Western North Carolina

What would you call a cross between a Tilapia and a Crayfish??? Would the Tilapia have claws or the Crayfish a bigger head???

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Why, Craylapia of course.

I breed tilapia (silver), and I backwash the largest fish feces that I can screen out into a decoupled freshwater tiger prawn tank before the remaining solids go to the swirl filter. The prawn tank is a 1000 gal (heated to 82F) with many bunkbed style layers of netting on two PVC cube frames. This tank has a clarifier, mineralization tank, and biofilter. I live in Stephenville, TX, but I am from Asheville.


Sounds like a sweet setup. Any chance you could post some pics. It’d be cool to see some gopro underwater pics of the prawn setup.

There is a gathering every year called PrepperCamp in NC. Here’s a pic of the Mobil Demo Trailer I take to speak on Aquaponics.

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Here’s a couple pics of my current breeding setup using
sorry the water is so murky, I’m in the middle of a flush out.

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Here’s one from the last batch of Crayfish. For scale, the PVC is 2"

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Nice set up. very professional and polished. May be you can visit my facebook page for photos.

Youtube channel
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Excellent page.
I’ll definitely be checking it out more thoroughly
Aquaponics4All is my FB page. Looks like we are pretty much into the same stuff.
I’m trying to do the MeWe switch.

Can you advice online lessons about decoupled aquaponics system ?

I have no recommendations.

Tilapia 1 month old now.

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Link is to my MeWe page with a video of the 1 month old tilapia in Aquaponics breeding system.
Hope this link is cool. Guess you’ll let me know if it isn’t.

would love to see your system… I am in Throckmorton

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Looks like 17 hours and you’re here… :grinning:

I would be happy to visit with you. I feed fish every day, so we can always find a time to meet any day of the week. I am in Stephenville.



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