Big News! EU Aquaponics Association has merged with the Aquaponics Association

Today is a big day.

The European Aquaponics Association has been a powerful advocate and catalyst for the Aquaponics industry in Europe for almost a decade. Their skilled members have been diligently researching, educating, and furthering the practice Aquaponics.

Today, we are proud to announce that the European Aquaponics Association has officially merged with the Aquaponics Association!

We are very excited to join with our European colleagues and look forward to the many opportunities that will come from the Association’s expansion into other regions.

Together we are expanding the practice of Aquaponics through education, advocacy, and connection. Join the conversation today.


Congratulations to @jon @BrianFlip for steering this merger and making it happen. This is probably one of the biggest steps the Association has ever taken since its inception and is one of the first among many initiatives planned by the current management to make the Association something more than just the annual conference.

Certainly a proud moment and a great start !! Well Done !!

Here is wishing everyone the best for a great 2021 !!


As a long time member of the EU Aquaponics Association I’m very excited to see how merging into the Aquaponics Association will help to join our communities together better across the Atlantic. I know that we have so much to learn from eachother!


Congratulations. I am very happy, that is a good news, and hope that will allow us a better development of the Aquaponic in Europe.
I am in progress to develop an aquaponic Project in South of Portugal, Algarve and can tell you that is not easy.

gyslain: I too am pleased that two have merged. Have been following a firm in Portugal rolling out a concept called Fish & Greens as a possible investment opportunity. Are you developing your aquaponics project on a commercial basis? If so would enjoy additional conversation with you. Am hopeful to be able to visit Portugal later this year and am interested in researching sustainable food project opportunities in southern Portugal. What type fish are you intending to use in your project? Understand that there is some difficulty in using Tilapia in Europe in general?

Wonderful news! Positive collaboration is always welcomed! Risha from Trinidad and Tobago.

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We hope to establish a national Canadian Aquaponics Association first, but a joining with the Aquaponics Association would be a definite objective after that. The bigger the collective minds and experiences, the better resources that can be that can be provided by the AA.


And we now have a Board Member from Canada! @arvindvenkat


As a long time member of the association I am very happy to see this merge take place. I look forward to all the great things that will come of more international collaborations!

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Congratulation to EU Aquaponics. Its a very good news for us. Unity is strength!! Hope for the best


Hello everybody.
Could someone ( particularly from Europeen aquaponic association) help me to know how and where get an Aquaponics grant in Europe and what is the process?
How to find a partner for a pilot project to develop?
Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

Gyslain, we’re not in the EU, and I know you have expert partners over on your side too, but if you ever need some aquaponics design experience and consultation, we’ve been at it for over 18 years and can provide that kind of service. We’re the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence at Lethbridge College, Alberta Canada.

Thank you for your reply. I will continue to investigate . The accès to the Europeen Grants are not evident.

Gyslain, you could try the Eureka Eurostars programme:

Hello Sarah, many thank for your information and support. Let me see if some Grants are planed to allow me to subscribe to one of them.