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Hello, I’m PhD student and I’ll working on aquaponics system.
My question is which fields should an aquaponics researcher be aware of ?

Aquaculture, agriculture, business, water chemistry, mineralization and nitrification, controlled environments like greenhouses, plumbing, and more!

That’s the hard thing about aquaponics: you have to be good at lots of stuff! :grinning:

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What do you want to do with your PhD? Academia? Business?

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Academic PhD …’’’’’’…

Thank you for your answer

I suggest you become familiar with the whole system, but also carve out a specialty within the system. For example, I am an aquatic animal nutritionist, so much of my research will have a nutrition component to it. To compete for grants, which you will be expected to do in academia, you would be wise to develop a specialty.


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What about the use of ionomer polymers as proton “pump” between the two main water circuit to “shift” the pH for the fishes respectively the plants?


Imagine a membrane of Nafion(R) (Nafion - Wikipedia) between the two circuit with a suited potential.
It’s some time since i was working in this field, so I don’t really know if this feasible for an aquaponic system.