Aquaponics MS student position

The Tarleton State University Aquaponics program in Stephenville, TX is seeking an MS student to begin graduate research. The selected candidate will be hired to complete the four research objectives as part of a funded grant project. The selected research objective will serve as the MS student’s thesis research project. These research objectives include: 1) investigate the use of Mexican scud to reduce fish solid waste and plant matter and to increase nutrient solubilization within the media, 2) evaluate the use of aerobic biodigestion (Mineralization) for orthophosphate recovery from fish effluent with and without the presence of Mexican scud, 3) evaluate the use of black solider fly larvae (BSFL) as a decomposer of unusable fish and plant parts generated in aquaponics and the use of BSFL as a feed supplement, 4) evaluate the use of plant growth promoting microorganisms (PGPM) in aquaponic media bed systems. The MS candidate will complete either objective 1 or 4. The candidate will help supervise an undergraduate student completing objectives 2 and 3. The overall goal of these research projects are to provide novel agriculture research and critical extension support for the aquaponics industry. This goal will be accomplished by training skilled personnel and conducting research that provides producers with biological solutions to improve production efficiency of their media bed systems, to reduce operating costs, and to an establish extension outreach center at Tarleton State University. The outputs are 1) Journal publications, 2) Enhanced aquaponics curriculum, 3) Three-part factsheet, 4) Statewide survey, 5) Two-part free virtual workshop series, and 6) Experienced and skilled students involved in aquaponics. Additional responsibilities will be teaching laboratory sections of courses in the Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources and assisting faculty in maintaining various teaching, research, and demonstration plots including the Tarleton State University aquaponics and hydroponics systems inside and outside the Hydrotron and the turfgrass plots; and supervising undergraduate researchers, technicians, students, and volunteers. Position begins summer 2022. There are no provisions for extended vacations.
Salary: $1,200 per month
Last Date to Apply: 15 May 2022
Qualifications: Prior to employment, students will have completed a bachelor’s degree in sustainability, horticulture, agriculture, agronomy, crop science, entomology, ecology, environmental science, natural resources, or a related discipline. Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills will be required. The ideal candidate will have a broad background in aquaponics. Interested applicants should apply to Dr. Cummings) with single .pdf including cover letter describing their motivation and research interests, CV, university transcripts, professional or technical writing sample, and contact information for three references. The successful applicant will be required to apply and be accepted by the TSU College of Graduate Studies for an MS degree in Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

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Interesting, I am wondering if this could be redesigned into a PhD research. I would love to pursue that. Maybe I’ll email Dr Cummings. Thanks for sharing

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