Aquaponics Literature Review Community Project

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar this afternoon, below are the email address and form for contributing to the literature review. The first version, V001 of the spreadsheet can be accessed at the link below, please let me know if there are any issues with access.

Email: [email protected]
Spreadsheet Link: Aquaponics Literature Review Spreadsheet V001



Thanks so much Danielle! I checked the link and was able to download the spreadsheet just fine so we should be all good!

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Literally just commenting to shoot this back up to the top of the community discussion forum before I present on it at the conference tomorrow.


Hey Danielle, it looks like the spreadsheet link is expired. Is there a permanent url?

Hi Sean,
I have no idea how to make a permanent URL, but here is an updated link, let me know if it works!
Aquaponics Literature Review Spreadsheet - V001.xlsx

Yes, this link works. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource with us!

Danielle, it looks like the link expired again. It says that there is a time limit on it. Can you put up a link with a link which does not expire? I still don’t have a copy of the sheet.

Hi Nathan, I still have not learned how to make a link that doesn’t expire, and I can’t post the file since the community site doesn’t allow posting of certain file types for security reasons. The new link is below, and I’ve set a calendar reminder to update this every 2 months, but if all else fails, I can be reached at [email protected] directly for a copy of the file.

Aquaponics Literature Review Spreadsheet - V001 (3).xlsx

Thanks a lot, @DMaitland . I am so grateful for your work and for teaching us about this at the conference last year. I will surely contribute others papers if as I find them. If I find them before everyone else does. I am looking forward to mining the data from your hard work. You can always reach me at my email which is [email protected] if you every need anything.