Aquaponics Hardware Asia Services

Hello everyone.
We are delighted to join the community.
AHAs has been developing Aquaponics equipment and processes since 2015 and we are very happy to share our learnings as well as learning from others. We have spent a few years learning thought practical experiments, then built and operate several commercial systems in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore., where we are commercially established. We are slowly expanding regionally. We also have shipped systems to India, New Zealand and Ukraine.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Thank you
The AHAS team.

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Will you be at the Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific 2023 Conference in February in Bangkok? If so maybe we can meet.

We will. And it will be great to meet you.

Great il see you there I’m one of the speakers. LMK if your in thailand we can get together I’l be up in Phetchabun here in a few weeks setting up a big farm.