Aquaponics Food Production Systems Combined Aquaculture and Hydroponic Production Technologies for the Future by Simon Goddek, Alyssa Joyce, Benz Kotzen, Gavin M. Burnell


Thanks for posting this. It’s such a great resource. We actually digitized this if you’re interested…

Do you have a copy in WORD file? I’m translating it into Chinese and PDF file it difficult to work with. My email: [email protected]. Thanks.

We did it from the PDF :smiley: and yes its difficult to manage haha. But if you wanted to help maybe we can get a Chinese version up on Aquaponics AI too if that would be helpful for your community. We have a translation platform that we use.

Yes, I’d love to. Actually, I have a Chinese open-access website for all my translations. I translated FAO’s Aquaponics book 3 years ago but it’s not of the best quality as I was not very experienced back then.

Fantastic! Well if you want to share that with the community in the resources section I think it would be a fine addition. Maybe there are others looking for that content and it will be helpful to them!

I’d love to share. The problem is that I only have translations in JPG photos. The file size is huge.

Oh you mean like a screenshot of each page and then translating on top?

It looks like the photo. The total size of the zip file is over 400mb

Wow nice. That must have taken a good bit of time so we thank you for your dedication!

I took me a while but I found fun doing it.

thanks for all this, Shawn!