Aquaponics at COP26?

Any idea if aquaponics has been mentioned at COP26? Agriculture is a large contributor to climate change and aquaponics can address that.

(@george.pate20 , @twheet and I have been working on a paper for almost 2 years explaining how aquaponics can reduce greenhouse gas emissions but its such a big topic and we have low bandwidth so we haven’t gotten it done yet, maybe we should revitalize?)


Please give me all the data you have collected - I’d like to volunteer to make doodles like these

To my direct knowledge nope. But to a tangent yes.n There was mention of funding for a Vertical farm with grand investment of £500’000 - only being hydroponic though. The UN (and FAO) have always had an interest in aquaponics. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in there somewhere.

@BrianFlip would love to see if I can lend a hand with your paper.


Thanks for this note. Hopefully we can get that paper kickstarted before x-mas holidays, i’ll post a note here.


Perfecto. Sounds good :slight_smile: