Aquaponic School Pass!

The Aquaponic School Pass grants a full 3-day conference ticket to all students and staff of your learning institution, WOW!

Fill out this form to register for your school pass and we’ll send you an invoice and instructions:

There will be special sessions each day of the October 22-24 conference for students and educators of all levels!

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Do you have a flier for your conference? Send it to me il repost it

Do you want to do a short episode tomorrow evening to promo the conference and the association?

Sure! I’m happy to hop on. What time?

630 pm PST 930 PM EST.

Hello Aquaponic Teachers and Researchers! Don’t forget to sign up for the Aquaponic School Pass if you’d like UNLIMITED tickets for students and staff of your school!

Just fill out this form and we’ll send you a link for ticket redemption: 2021 Virtual Aquaponics Conference School Tickets!

Payment not due by time of conference. We just want as many people as possible to access the conference so we can fulfill our Mission of expanding the practice of aquaponics!!!